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¿Una enciclopedia con todo lo que hay que saber sobre Reinos Olvidados? ¿Razas, clases, geografía...?

Pues si, existe. La Wikipedia de Forgotten Realms, donde puedes encontrar respuesta a cualquier duda que tengas. Ya nunca más volverás a perderte.

La pega: esta en inglés. Así que si no sabéis nada del idioma, traductor google y mucha, muchísima imaginación.

Os dejo un fragmento sacado de la propia página:

Drizzt Do'Urden is a drow. He stands at about 5′4″,[2] (1.63m) and weighs about 130 pounds (59 kg). His handsome features are sharp and well proportioned and like other drow, Drizzt's skin is black and his stark white hair is long, thick, and flowing. His eyes are a lavender hue (quite different from the drow race's typical red, even when he uses his infravision, which normally causes eyes to glow red) and seem to glow fiercely when he is angry or determined. He normally wears a forest-green cloak that was given to him by the Weeping Friars upon his departure to Icewind Dale, high black boots, and a necklace attached to a white unicorn head, the symbol of his goddess, Mielikki, the goddess of rangers. This symbol was crafted for him by his good friend Regis from scrimshaw (bone of the knuckle-headed trout found in Icewind Dale) .[3] It has been many years since Drizzt first ventured into the surface world, but his vision, accustomed to the pitch-blackness of the Underdark, has greatly adapted to the bright surface world, so now when using his infravision, the images, if held for a prolonged period of time, cause headaches and other strained symptoms[4]. At present he is in the neighborhood of 200 years old, having been born in 1297 DR[5]. It is common knowledge that the average lifespan of a drow can be around 700,[6] but accounting for displacement of the natural drow habitat, it is yet to be seen if his potential lifespan will be reached.

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